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IICT is the Best No.1 Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Chennai

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SEO Training in Chennai by MNC Expert Mr.Arun who have almost 10+ years of experience in SEO Technology. Mr.Arun (SEO Expert) who have not only experience in real time he have experience in SEO Training in various institutes. Mr.Arun is one of the leading SEO Expert in chennai.

SEO training course content and Syllabus @ IICT, Chennai

SEO Course Content at IICT, chennai

Overview of Search Engine Optimization:

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Reading a search engine results page

How SEO affects your business

Setting SEO expectations

Keywords: The Foundation of SEO:

Why you need a keyword research plan

How to research keywords

Tools to help you analyze keyword

Understanding keyword attributes

Understanding keyword distribution

Ongoing keyword evaluation

Content Optimization: How Search Engines and People View Web Pages:

Understanding content optimization

Optimizing for site structure

Recognizing different types of content

Optimizing textual page elements

Optimizing non-text components of a web page

Analyzing content quality

Exploring the benefits of user-generated content

Content Optimization: Technical SEO:

Interpreting the code behind web pages

Understanding how search engines index content

Working with canonical URLs and redirects

Leveraging microformats

Working with server-side factors

Using Google Webmaster Tools

Using Bing Webmaster Tools

Long-Term Content Planning:

Overview of long-term content strategizing

Planning a successful content strategy and avoiding common mistakes

Defining your audience, topics, angle, and style

Understanding different types of content

Getting ideas for content

Working with an editorial calendar

Promoting your content with social media

Measuring content performance

Link Building Basics:

Understanding the importance of links

How the search engine killed the web directory

How link analysis revolutionized web search

Exploring the anatomy of a link

Not just PageRank: Understanding what links do for your site

Explaining Google PageRank

Looking at PageRank in practice

Exploring keywords and Google bombs

The perfect link

Dealing with problem links

Analyzing links

Building Links:

Exploring the two types of links

Building internal links

Building external links

Grabbing low-hanging fruit

Fostering a "think links" mentality

Working with "local" pages and directory links

Reciprocal linking: Is it worth the trouble?

Creating press releases

Working with article syndication

Working with bloggers

Creating link bait

Examining social networking links

Getting more links

Working with linking software

Exploring Penguin: The new link approach from Google

The Link Game:

Buying links: Pros and cons

When is paying for links buying links?

Finding link services

Understanding linking jargon

Finding link-building opportunities

Questions to ask

Executing a link-building strategy

Measuring SEO Effectiveness:

Measuring SEO performance

Analyzing keywords

Analyzing links

Analyzing the impact of social media

SEO for Ecommerce:

Understanding SEO and ecommerce

Working with semantic HTML

The technical components of ecommerce

Exploring ecommerce information architecture

Producing ecommerce content

Leveraging link building and social media for ecommerce

Adapting ecommerce websites for international audiences

Local Search:

Understanding local search

Understanding Google+ Local

Setting up and optimizing Google+ Local

Getting more citations

Getting more reviews for your business

Optimizing your website for local search

The future of local search

International SEO:

Understanding cultural aspects of international SEO

Optimizing technical content for international audiences

Optimizing translated and localized content

Building links for an international audience

Analyzing and measuring an international SEO campaign

Avoiding pitfalls with international SEO

Determining your next steps

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